I Have This Toy Accordian Thing

Okay, there’s this toy accordion I have in my room, and it’s really wasting my time. It only plays eight notes and squeaks with every squeeze, but I just can’t help but get obsessed over it.

It’s this little perfectionist habit I have implanted in my head, in which I become so fixated on one thing that I forget everything that happens around me (which isn’t that good. In fact, it’s terrible!), and then realize that this is simply just a waste of a time.

I haven’t gotten to the last part with this adorable accordion. I still haven’t given up on it, and I will not quit until I can play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” perfectly!

Yeah, I need another hobby.

Anyway, besides my toy accordion crisis, there’s been a bunch of Harlem Style videos popping up on YouTube, spamming my front page like crazy. For people who didn’t know, Harlem Style just basically starts with this song from this dude named Bauer. YouTubers would take a 30-second clip of it, and start off with a lone (sometimes masked) dancer dancing amidst a bunch of unconcerned people. From there, the beats kick in and everyone suddenly dances in a crazy fashion, having many weird props to dance around with.

Note, this has almost to practically nothing to do with Harlem or Harlem Style, the actual stance. Oh well.

 And apparently, to many people, this has brought a close to the Gangnam Style fad of 2012. You could see many R.I.P Gangnam style in the top comments.

 Some Harlem Style were amusing, yet ridiculous at the same time, while others times they were just plain freaky. A bunch of people have posted their own versions, and each is uniquely different from the other.

So what does this have to do with toy accordions? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Well, it’s not like I have to stick at the topic at hand. It’s a free country. And it’s not false advertising because I did mention my obsession with toy accordions.

Oh, and to those that I nominated for the Liebster Award (you nominees know who I’m talking to. And if you’re not a nominee, you can feel free to look at my previous post for details on this award), I look forward to your responses! Hope you have fun with them, because I certainly did.

And thanks to Jonathan on MusicBlog95, because I am now hooked on Mutemath, this awesome band. Search them on the internet and give their music a listen.


Just What is the Liebster Award???

I’m not sure, but apparently it’s an award for wonderful bloggers with under two hundred followers, for those who didn’t know.

The Liebster Award has been around for a while, and if you googled it (or used whatever seach engine of your preference) right now, as of February 13th, you would find hundred of bloggers like me, who has also posted their own thoughts and responses to this award. Liebster is German for sweetest, kindest, dearest, most pleasant, etc.

I don’t think I’m as sweet or kind or dear or as pleasant as other people in the blogosphere, (but I really appreciate the thought, Holly, my nominator. I actually think you’re more liebsterish than me, though). In fact, I could be kind of sarcastic and snarky when I feel like it. Perhaps egoistic, too.

Anyway, here are the basic rules for fellow participants of the mythical Liebster award.

1. Post 11 things about yourself.

2. Answer 11 questions from your tagger/nominator.

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post. Please tell them that you’ve nominated them, too.

4. No tag backs! We wouldn’t people to get double nominations. Too much work for them, anyways.

So, here’s my Liebster Award response thingamajiggy.

11 Things About Myself

1. I have a strange attachment to cookies and my lovely 5-year-old heater, yet, I hate having both of them in the same room.

2. I have issues with sticking to a schedule. If I was supposed to come to an event at 5, then I’ll either come at 4 or give up at the last minute and ditch. Guess this is what it means to be a free spirit…

3. My greatest goal is to master practically every instrument that exists in the history of mankind.

4. One of my greatest fears is my deceased Dell laptop coming back to seek revenge for accidentally killing its hard drive with a wooden drumstick.

5. The television itself peeves me off, but I’m fine with watching t.v. shows on my laptop.

6. I have major issues with my confidence.

7. My greatest dream, not goal, is be successful, and prove to the latter half of my family (the half of my paternal family that hates me for my lineage) that my mom was indeed a great mother and raised me wonderfully.

8. My favorite past-time is daydreaming.

9. I enjoy hugging my dog when she’s not attempting to eat my face.

10. Nutella or any similar product makes me nauseous.

11. I have recurring nightmares about a stuffed, pink poodle named Lola that I lost when I was 8 while looking at new houses to move in with my parents.

Answering 11 Questions From Holly, my Nominator Friend Person

1. Why do you blog/write/journal?

I blog to express the thoughts and feelings that I bottle up inside in real life, truthfully. That, and to just have fun writing what I want and meeting new people.

2. What is your deepest, truest desire?

I have to say that my deepest, truest desire is to improve myself and help make the world a better place for both nature and mankind to co-exist peacefully without attempting to kill off each other.

3. If you win the Liebster Award, will you celebrate? If so, how? If not, why not?

I honestly wouldn’t celebrate if I won the award. I would actually feel a bit too guilty about the fact that it was given to somebody like me. I’m sure that there’s lots of other people there who fit the description of “Liebster.” But, I would still appreciate the award, because I could meet new people

4. How do you feel about blogging awards?

I think that they’re great. Blogging awards bring attention and prestige to deserving bloggers. They bring awareness to good blogs.

5. What is your most dominant pet peeve about writers/bloggers?

When they attempt to sell me (or the reader) something stupid.

6. What do you thing about your own writing/blogging?

Meh. It’s alright, but I’m sure I could do better, with more experience.

7. How honest are you when you write/blog?

Pretty honest, although I may exaggerate on details sometimes.

8. Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?

No, and no. Period.

9. Are you tired of these questions?

You could say that.

10. If you could travel back in time, where would you go, and why?

I’d go back to the time when my dad was still sick and alive in the hospital bed, and make my mom bring the dang lawyer so he could write his will, because it’s the main reason my entire family basically ripped itself apart, fighting over his money. I wouldn’t prevent his death though, because his arrival in heaven was what God basically wanted, I think.

11. What is one word or phrase you are known for using in either your writing/blogging, or when your talking to others?

When talking to others, I’m probably known for saying, “Can I have that (insert food here)?” I especially enjoy eating other people’s cookies.

Annoying, Typical Questions for My Nominees (I Tried. Don’t Hurt ME)

1. What genre of music do you dislike the most, if any?

2. What is one skill or talent that you would want the most?

3. Who is your role model, if any, and why?

4. What’s your reason for starting a blog?

5. What is your current favorite song?

6. What irritates you the most?

7 Do you have any irrational fears? What are they (if you’re willing to say)?

8. Would you be willing to jump off an airplane (with a parachute)? Why or why not?

9. What was your weirdest dream?

10. If there was a zombie apocalypse (which I highly doubt, I hope), what three items would you want the most to survive and defend yourself against these moving corpses?

11. Did any of these questions irritate you, honestly?

And Here are the Nominees

1. Katy Stuff – a cute blog about a woman and her adorable family.

2. alwayssimplybegin – a cool, picturesque blog of faith and life

3. The Princess Albums – a cute blog by a mother depicting the life of her and her princesses.

4. Musicblog95 – obviously about music. And it’s cool.

5. Stressing Out College – a stressed-out college student with a sense of humor

I only have 5. I’m sorry. Does this mean that I’m disqualified? Oh well.

And why is there so many 11’s?

Cleaning the Old Laptop…

Did you finally reach that point in your tech-savvy life in which you realize that your computer was slowly getting slower, to the point that you can’t bear it anymore? No? Well, fine, I did. Sorry I take such bad care of my laptop(s).

It’s been around two years since I had my second laptop. My first laptop, a cute, little Windows 7 Dell laptop with 300 GB memory that died after being smacked, accidentally, by a wooden drumstick. I was trying to practice twirling a drumstick, and it just flew out of my hands and smacked my open laptop right where the hard drive laid, under the black casing. I still mourn the thing, keeping it in my closet as a reminder never to twirl a drumstick near a laptop, ever again.

Now, here’s to my cute HP Windows 7 laptop. After two years, my laptop had wonderfully slowed its pace to that of a dying slug, and I knew it was time to bring out the CCleaner and all those nifty cleaner tools to deal with the rotting gunk of data on my browser and hidden in the murky depths of computer clutter, mixed in between hundreds of documents and games.

Cleaning my laptop was like cleaning my house. There were things in there I never would have thought existed, lying there, wasting my space and time. I uninstalled a bunch of useless programs, deleted my history, cache, and cookies (computer cookies have nothing to do with real-life cookies, which I love with a fiery passion), and defragmented my hard drive.

After staying ’til 1 in the morning, I healed my tired and weary soul by lying in front of my soothing heater, lying there on the carpet. The next day, the computer turned on with such unimaginable speed and beauty that I thought that God had put in some holy, divine coding to praise my hard work.

If I imagined my computer as a person, then he or she (sorry, I’m not sure what gender my laptop would be if it was human. It might be a boy, since my laptop is blue) must’ve gotten a facelift, because I probably wouldn’t have recognized him/her if he/she came up and talked to me. I probably would’ve looked at this computer imagined as a human thingy and wonder if that was a celebrity.

Then, it would tell me it was my computer, and I would just look at it and be like, “You’re not my computer! My HP laptop looked like he/she was fifty and gray-haired. You!!! You must be the spirit of my Dell Laptop, coming back to haunt me!”

And then I would try to drive away my computer human with a drumstick placed conveniently in my bag, shouting, “Disperse, evil demonnnn!!” And then the police would arrest me for attempting assault, in which I would conveniently explain that I was defending myself from the evil spirit of my Dell Computer, and they would look at me with a raised eyebrow and say,

“That’s an HP Computer.”

And then, I would scream, wake up, and realize that this was all a dream.

But my computer being extremely fast and beautiful that morning, blessed with God’s coding, was not a dream, thankfully.

My HP computer being a dream was a real dream, by the way. I wrote the dream down the moment I woke up because it was just so weird. I then decided it was better to leave my Dell laptop in one of the drawers of the family altar, praying to God to clear away the demons possessing in my deceased laptop, if any.

I then swore to get a new hard drive for my Dell laptop, and get rid of my old hard drive, just for the peace of mind. Although that may have been HP laptop in my dream, I knew the demons of Dell laptop were the reason for my insane drumstick arrest.

Or maybe it was just exhaustion. I did spend two days straight cleaning my laptop.

AHAHAHA! I’ve Finally Beaten Sickness! And Randomness Ensues

I’d like to thank my mom for sticking through with me and my doctor for assuring me that I do not have cancer. I repeat, I do not have cancer. Yay, that bump in my armpit was just some stupid swollen lymph node.

In my moments of sickness, my only source of company was my dog (gated off in the kitchen), my mom in the morning and after work, and that Steve Jobs biography (that I’ve enjoyed tremendously, even though I have no Apple electronics of the sort) by Walter Isaacson that my mom bought but never bothered reading past page 70. My laptop was off-limits to me, because when I’m sick, technology makes me nauseous, so I didn’t have a chance to post for quite a while. I’m terribly sorry. I’ve always gotten weird sicknesses like these, and my mom freaks out, a lot, giving me every medication I could swallow until I was at the limit of almost over-dosing.

Anyway, to celebrate my recovery, I’ve decided to make a random post. It’s around 9 o’clock for me right here, and thousands of random things are sprawling in my head, so I’ll just type what I’m thinking of and see how it goes from there.

I apologize if there are stupid grammatical errors or if I’m not making sense. I’m currently not in my normal sense of mind right now.

I’ve been watching YouTube (because I’ve missed it terribly so) and I’ve been watching a couple of videos from one of my subscribed channels, the VlogBrothers, starring Hank and John Green. And Hank Green said that the reason he has a lot of free time to do really cool stuff like, I don’t know, making websites or vlogging or even going to London, is because he doesn’t watch t.v., which I have to agree with. Sure, their may be a few cool t.v. shows here and there, but with all the commercials rotting your mind, I think it would be better if you just at least watch your t.v. online. Less ads, less time to waste, and you can skip through the boring parts.

I have the t.v on right now, only because my over-enthusiastic puppy gets more relaxed when listening to the t.v. (she’s passed out and sprawled all over me right now, so it works) and there’s a new episode of Glee popping up on whatever channel I randomly turned to. I usually never watch Glee (I actually never watch anything besides the Food Channel on t.v), and I have no clue what’s going on except for the fact that there’s your usual teenage angst and romance mixed in between subtle attempts of comedy and lots and lots of singing. Ah, commercial break…Windows Phone for sale for 99 dollars… I feel my IQ points slowly diminishing… Ugh.

Do you know that for most Americans, advertisements are their 2nd most favorite pasttime (thank to Hank Green for the info. Go nerdfighters!!!)? No wonder the American population averages the 8th grade reading level.

And now I’m thinking about my heater, because my feet are cold, because I’m a female and females usually focus all their heat to their centers, to keep it warm when they’re carrying children, or something like that.

And now I’m thinking of cookies. And chocolate. Do you know Hershey’s Kisses are called kisses because when the machines that make Hershey’s Kisses make that familiar lip-smacking sound. I don’t know where I had that, but if I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

Right now, the cover of the Steve Jobs biography is staring me at the face, and I find it weird. Whenever I hold the book, my dog wakes up for a few seconds, staring at the book, then slowly falling back to sleep as if she was reassuring herself that the Steve Jobs on the book will not come out and stare you down to submission.

By the way, for any Steve Jobs fans, Apple fans, or fans of American’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) or just bored, I recommend watching ITUT (a video by Phillip Cheeb and Di Moon Zhang from I.aM.mE, and HOK from Quest Crew) in which dancers celebrate Steve Jobs innovations in this wonderful “I wish this was a real commercial” dance video, unless you’ve already watched it (then I commend you). Ha, I sound as if I’m advertising and lowering your IQ’s. At least, it’s in text, not pretty pictures. And it’s free.

Oh, oh, oh, since I’m on a roll with YouTube, I might as well add this cute little flash mob video. It’s kind of a flash mob, but with an orchestrated one with an orchestra. It’s called Flash Flashmob – Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy). I find it terribly awesome, and I really want to do that one day with my violin, or saxophone. It’d be cool if I could go on vacation in Europe and orchestrate a flash mob on the streets with other musicians.

Anyway, I’m going to go make myself an AnimeList account right now, because I’ve been watching too much anime/manga and I need to keep tabs on it. And I need anime buddies. It’s been too long since I homeschooled in which I haven’t had a purely anime/manga conversation.

That, and I’ve decided to post a few stories on Wattpad or Fanfiction, or both. I’m contemplating on making an account, because I have a lot of drafts in my Documents folders, and I’d want to do something with them, at least.

Ahahaha, this is random. Oh, there’s the local news now, talking about school safety.

Ahahaha, that’s another reason I homeschool, ahahaha. I have some pepper spray, and an emergency alarm, a dog, 911 on speeddial, and escape routes, and my neighborhood has such thin walls that you could hear people scream from outside. I heard a couple screaming outside in the middle of the street about their divorce…

It’s not like that’s the main reason I homeschool, anyway. I like to control my education, learn the things I want to learn (like music and techni, while keeping focus on the fundamentals and improving myself for the future, physically and mentally. That, and my school was pretty ghetto. I’m sorry, but people been attacked over there. Especially near the park…

Enough about being depressing. I need to get on with my life, not brooding on the past.

Anyway, onwards, to innovation and knowledge, to inspiration and the goodness of life, to enlightenment and cookies! You dieters can spare one delicious baked goodness in your regime. Enjoy yourself, but in a controlled manner.

I am terribly sorry if I sounded childish, rude, or much more immature than I usually am. It’s just been so long since I left a post here, and although it may have been a week, I missed you people greatly, especially you, Holly, you good friend, you. I know that you’ve been reading and leaving a comment in all my posts so far, and I really appreciate that.

Thank you all, and I’m happy to be alive.


We all want to gain good habits, and we also want to lose the bad habits. The ability to do certain things automatically, without thinking, could be a blessing or an annoyance.

A habit isn’t a habit until you stop reminding yourself to do it. it’s automatic. Primal. It melds and becomes a part of your daily life. I have a habit of checking my e-mail every time I open my Firefox browser. That’s a helpful habit, considering it’s the center of my homeschooled life, be it educationally or socially.

It takes time to develop a habit, and it requires a lot of self-control and repetitiveness. Depending on your resolve, it could take a matter of a few days to months to gain or lose a certain habit.

It’s probably one of the reasons why it never feels like a new habit you’re trying to make isn’t sticking so easily in the beginning. You need time to let it settle.

But humans enjoy surprises, and the turn of events sound much more exciting than a stable schedule. I find very few people able to keep on a schedule for long, unfortunately.

The average amount of days it takes for someone to develop a habit is 66 days. Maybe on April 18th, starting from February 1st, a few of will have gotten a few good habits by then, hopefully.

The habit I plan to get rid of by April 17th is my annoying habit to procrastinate, which disappeared in middle school, but showed up once more in high school.

Getting Sick, Staying Sick

Getting sick is kinda fun. Laying in bed, sneezing, coughing out strange gunk, crying, feeling drinking 5 different types of medication, leaving me drowsy and confused. Yup, that’s pneumonia for you. And I was lying, getting sick isn’t fun.

I’m still sick as I write this post at approximately 11 o’clock at midnight, trying to end this slump, this 5-day hiatus. Fun.

When you’re being sick, time either slows down to the point that you question the meaning of life, or speed up to the point that you can’t remember half of what you did, because you’re so drugged up by the pain relievers and/or sleepy meds.

There’s been an epidemic around here; the influenza spreads throughout the U.S., and apparently it might be the worst flu outbreak of the decade. Thank God I got those shots, because the influenza didn’t sound pretty.

But, getting a different kind of sickness amidst an epidemic isn’t any better. I catch pneumonia every 3-6 months, which kind of scares my mom, because she sends always sends me to the hospital, only to get another kind of prescription. It started two years ago, and whenever I get tired, I start to swallow more, and the saliva builds up in my chest, and two days later, you’ll see me with a box of tissues, coughing it all up amidst a 101.2 fever.

At least, with sickness, comes the appreciation of life, that I’ve been lacking recently. You slow down and look around your surroundings, and appreciate them, and enjoy life, because it’s short. God was probably trying to remind me of this fact, a fact I seem to forget quite often.

So, enjoy life right, because you might end up with influenza the next day. Unless you already do, then, sorry… Hope you get better.

Where to live: Europe or America?

When you think of Europe, you imagine refinement, good cuisine, and accents. When you think of America, you imagine overzealous concern for democracy, opportunity, and awesome fast food.

It all started when I was drooling over my future, with my imaginary dream car (oh,I really want a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta…), my imaginary family, my imaginary job, and my imaginary house.

And then the question struck me: where would I live?

And then, another question struck me: Which is better? Europe or America?

There’s been controversy about this particular subject, comparing two great western groups. And here’s some of my pros and cons:

America – Pros – lower age restrictions for driving (which could also be a con, but I need that license by the time I’m 16), amazing colleges (MIT and Caltech ftw), developing technology (silicon valley).

Cons – an emphasis on fast food (you just can’t get enough of it), poor secondary education (just wait until you watch “Stupid in America.”), has no care for soccer, obesity.

Europe – Pros – Good secondary education (it makes me so jealous), amazing history (much more than America’s 300-year history), responsible drinking (because most of their children are taught responsible drinking when they’re younger so that they’re not so hyped up about it when they’re older).

Cons – I’ve heard from travelling friends that 5-Star hotels in Europe were basically 3-Star hotels in America (I don’t know; I’ve never went to a 5-star hotel in Europe, or any 5-star hotel for that matter), high gas prices, and they have no MIT (that’s just me. Sorry, that’s my number 1 college. That and Caltech).

At the end of this long debate, though, I realized that being in Europe or America kind of depends on your preference. I have a lot of time to think over this, and that there are other good competitors, like Japan, or China, or Canada.

Yeah, these are just my own opinions. If there’s anything that’s off with the info, please inform me, so I don’t feel like a fool.